About Eurojuris Finland

Eurojuris Finland

Our Qualities: Expertise, Trust, Networking and Friendship

At the moment, the Eurojuris Finland consists of 5 member firms: two in Helsinki, one in Turku, one in Vaasa and one in Kouvola.  This is to say that the member firms are pleasantly situated throughout the sparsely populated Finland. The member firms consider that the most beneficial aspect of being part of Eurojuris Finland is the networking and forwarding assignments among member firms locally and worldwide.

Eurojuris Finland assembles each year for its statutory meeting and has at least one less formal gathering around late summer time. A law firm wishing to become a member of Eurojuris Finland is asked to submit a short informal application to the board of national network. Eurojuris Finland association was registered in 1997.

Benefits for Members

  • strong business links with other Eurojuris members
  • cross-border business opportunities
  • a “safe pair of hands” for referral business
  • become a member of the Eurojuris Practice Groups
  • Jurismus – active network of young lawyers

Benefits for Clients

  • internationally connected law firms
  • close client relationships
  • fair rates for multilingual legal expertise